winners golden chance

What is Winners Golden Chance Venture Lotto?

Winners Golden Chance Ventures Limited is a Lottery business organization set up in 2005 to engage in Lotto services. Golden Chance is Licensed by the Lagos State Government, Ogun State Government, Ekiti State Government, Ondo State Government, Osun State Government and Oyo State Government to operate lottery services in these states. Golden Chance Ventures currently operates with over 11,000 (Eleven thousand) Point Of Sale (POS) terminals spread across South Western NIgeria. We have the highest lottery network reach in South West Nigeria.

Who can play Winners Golden Chance Venture Lotto?

You can play if you are aged 18 or over

You can buy tickets Online or from any of our ticket outlets.

See our contact page for more information on how to buy tickets

Chances of winning?

You have a good chance of winning if you play